The following General Group Structure was identified as part of the pilot project:

Group Manager

A group needs to be managed by a qualified Group Manager/Administrator who is responsible for all aspects of the Group membership, such as decision on entry to the group (withdrawal from the group if necessary), implementing group rules, audit checklists, recording and closing of any non-conformities, internal monitoring and identifying training needs.

The Group Manager communicates with Group members, Group Auditors and Certification Body, as required.

Group Auditors

The external Group Auditors are responsible for Confirming group Member audits, performing audits in compliance with the current certification standard, reporting of audit findings to Group Manager, review of any non-conformities and proposal for closure and Trademark approval.

Group Auditors communicate with Group Manager, Group Members and Certification Body, as required.

Group Member

Group members are responsible for all aspects of management of their forest (unless the group is Resource Managed, see Group Types), which includes management planning, monitoring, harvesting, quality control, marketing, timber sales and all documentation and actions necessary to ensure on-going compliance with the standards referred to in the Group Rules.

Directors of the Group scheme

The Directors of the Group scheme legal entity are responsible for submission of accounts and payment of due fees, etc for the legal entity.